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Another Modification For ST Power Solutions

When you think car customisation / modification you could be forgiven for thinking engine tuning, new alloys, a body kit or perhaps a little neon lighting ( old school right) True, this type of work forms the vast bulk of the custimisation work we carry out but we work on other stuff too, some simple, some complex and some which are just down right fun, an old school friend of mine, Danny Walker is an NICEIC approved electrician in Oldham who runs ST Power Solutions, like any other electrician he has a work van, unlike any other old electrician he regually stops by the garage for some modification or another, this time to convert the inside of the van into what basically accounts to a tool shed, it’s a smart move, so smart in fact that we fully intend to advertise this type of service for trade based businesses who need their work van’s to be a little more organised, turns out this is an actual thing, thanks for the education Danny, the term is van racking in case your wondering! Danny is a great electrician, he serves all areas in Manchester and takes a real pride in his work, his van and his tools and your home too!

van racking for st power solutions oldhamCustomising ST Power Solutions Van

I’d say a picture is worth a thousand words and since i’m no Enid Blyton i’d suggest you just admire the vans interior and call Horse Power Mods for your very own electrician racking unit but for those who find my writing style bearable Danny wanted his van customised to hold all the tools an electrician carrys on a day to day basis safely, now i’m not suggesting he needs to go over speed bumps a little slower, nor am I saying that he could take the odd corner with a little more grace, far be it for me to suggest i’m a better driver than he, or that he’s in the garage every 3 months changing his tyres but with one of the biggest costs to an electrician being his or hers tools, and since those tools spend the majority of their lives int he back of the van being driven from one job to the next , having thought about it it just makes good sense for everything to have its place and there to be a place for everything, we’ll see him again soon no doubt but between now and then, this electricians tools are much safer than sat on his van floor being flung from one side to the other at every corner!


Check out this cool video for ideas for your van racking system and remember, if your an electrician based in Manchester, or any other business in need of a professional low cost solution for your work vans interior give us a call!


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