Engine Tuning in Manchester

number one for engine tuning in manchesterHorsePowerMods will optimise the performance of your car, whilst improving drivability. Engine tuning, for petrol or diesel engines, will change your driving experience. But why? Manufacturers nowadays build in limitations to your vehicle’s engine management programme, ultimately restricting its performance. There are many reasons for this. It is cheaper for a Manufacturer to make one engine and then fit it to several different vehicles. The engine’s power and performance output is altered with different engine management programs (software) to suit the different vehicle models. Another reason Manufacturers limit your engine’s performance is to allow for the inevitability that some drivers will not adhere to the recommended service schedules or fill up with poor quality fuels.

The Good News For Anybody Looking for Engine Tuning in Manchester

Now for the good news. This is where engine tuning and remapping comes in. Via engine remapping, working with the margins left in place, we are able to remove the Manufacturer-inbuilt limitations of your vehicles engine management programme.

So if you want the best from your car you need an engine ECU remap. Just contact us at HorsePowerMods and we will remove the limitations from your engine, giving you a more satisfying, exciting drive. Fall in love with your car all over again.