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Horsepower Mods for the Do-it Yourself Car Tuner!

Welcome to Horsepower!

Our goal is to help do-it yourself car tuners get the most horsepower for thier dollar when modifying thier vehicles. Our modification program contains easy to follow instruction manuals that will help guide you through the installation of several high horsepower and performance modifications. The mods are laid out in an easy to understand format with step-by-step pictures to help make the installations as effortless as possible.

The average vehicle can expect anywhere from 20-100+ horsepower gains from our simple modifications. A large majority of the mods can be completed without the purchase of additional materials, while a slight few will require budget priced parts and supplies. Save thousands from overpriced customization shops Increase your cars horsepower significantly Increase your cars top speed and accelleration dramatically

Mods compatible with virtually all vehicle makes/models Simple easy to follow instructions with full pictures of installs Instructions laid out in ready to print format for easy follow Modification Guide Contents Screenshots

Stage 1 – Intake/Exhaust Modifications

– Custom Home Made “Jet Stream” Cold Air Intake Install
– Port and Polish Instructions
– 24,000 rpm 2psi Jet Stream Electric Supercharger Install
– High Flow Headers Installation
– High Flow Cat-back Exhaust Installation

Stage 2 – Electronic/Engine Modifications

– Custom “ECU” Performance Chip Modification
– Governor Removal Modification (some vehicles)
– Raised RPM limit Conversion (some vehicles)
– Do-it Yourself Custom Polished Valve Covers
– Race Tune Up Instructions

Stage 3 – Weight Removal/Exterior Enhancements

– Professional Weight Removal Instructions (Remove hundreds of pounds)
– Lightweight Replacements Guide (Lightweight Hoods, Wheels, etc.)
– Custom Vented Brake Ducts
– Custom Painted Brake Calipers
– Sport Antenna Install

Stage 4 – Suspension/Handling Modifications

– Custom Home Made Front Tie Bar Install
– Custom Home Made Rear Anti Sway Bar Install
– Aftermarket Steering Wheel Install
– Short Shifter Installation
– Lowering Performance Springs Install

Stage 5 – Advanced Modifications

– Custom Turbo Installation

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