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Car Customization

A New Partnership With Manchester Custom Wraps

your local car wrapping service in manchesterCar wrapping is the art of adding an extra layer of vinyl to protect the vehicle from external damages
that may dampage the car’s paints. Customising cars is all the rage these days and not just with the younger generation, people of all ages nowadays are modifying their cars! Horsepower Mods have teamed up with Manchester Custom Wraps to take the Manchester car modification scene by storm, with Horsepower Mods on your team tuning your engine and Manchester Custom Wraps on hand to wrap your car with any colour and any design you can imagine you now have an all in one solution for vehicle modifications in Manchester!

The Benefits of Van & Car Wrapping in Manchester

Easily update the look of your car with a new colour change wrap. Selection of color is a major problem when purchasing a car. This problem can be solved by buying the car you want whether the colour is right or not and simply getting it wrapped. Depending on what look one requires, it is easy. A black gloose finish, shiny Chrome, whatever you can think of it is easy to solve it with vinyl wrap, with car wrapping you can change the colour and appearnce of your car over and over every time you get bored or fancy a change!

Protection against abrasion and scratch. Car scratchs are common, whether through stone chippings, minor bumps or keys around the door handles. Protect your vehicles paintwork with a full colour change wrao and when it comes time for trade in or sale you can remove the wrap ( if you like) and the new buyer will see nothing but prestine paintwork beneath.

More Economical than spraying. There is a need to consider the best way to change the look of your vehichle without breaking the bank. Car wrapping is much more conomical than spraying for various reasons, not least because each panel needs to be removed and then re attached when spraying whilst most panels can remain attached whilst wrapping a car.

Contact us for more information

If you’d like more information or a free quotation for car wrapping in Manchester contact Horsepower Mods today! Our new Partnership with Manchester Custom Wraps brings all your car custimisation needs in house and as always we offer unbeatable value and high quality service!